Get our debut EP "Sell Me Fate" for FREE! & it's SIGNED! :)

Hello fellow Breakers! If you've got to this page, you're already a massive fan of us (we hope)! We can't thank you enough for supporting our band up to this point, you are the best!

As a band we have decided that we are going to give away 500 copies of our debut EP "Sell Me Fate" (CD) FOR FREE! AND we're gonna sign every copy too! We hope this is a fitting present for you guys for supporting our band this far!

Hopefully in years to come you can say you were part of something special with us right from the beginning :)

All we ask is for you guys to pay a small shipping charge so we can send the CD's out (and we don't go bankrupt) and also to sign up for our mailing list below, so we can send you amazing offers, news and discounts.


Much Love,

Brad, Charlie, Tony, Dan and George x