New TYBeats "Bring Me The Horizon - MANTRA"

“Could I have your attention, please? It's time to tap into your tragedy."

TYBeats introduces its second BMTH song into the fold, with their album released today, the first single MANTRA has been a hit worldwide since its release.

Lyrically, this is one of our favourite songs currently and the subject appears to discuss the monetisation of people’s mental fragility as well as preying on the minds of those who have been captured by weakness, leading them to blindly follow these leaders and act under their instruction.

In interviews, Oli Sykes has said that the inspiration for this song came from a Netflix documentary called Wild, Wild Country, which was about the cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his followers, whilst also referencing his marriage and divorce as an inspiration for this song. He says,

“Starting a relationship - especially a marriage - is like starting a cult, a small two-man cult, because you have to give yourself over completely to this person, you have to trust them, you have to love them unconditionally even if you start thinking ‘This is a bit suspect’ or ‘This is a bit dodgy.’ That’s what a relationship is, it’s exactly the same as a cult so that’s where the thinking behind the song came from.”

We would love to hear your take on the lyrics (whether you agreed or disagreed) and if you love this song, please remember to follow our TYBeats playlist on Spotify for more music like this one!

Peace out guys 😎✌🏼x