New TYBeats "Penelope Tree - Restless"

Is anyone else feeling restless?

Penelope Tree was a rather attractive model in the 60’s, these days it is a cracking pop punk band hailing from Buckinghamshire!

The latest track to be dropped into our TWO YEAR BEATS playlist on Spotify is called Restless.

Restless is about the first romantic interest or fling you have since going through a previous break-up, where everything is a balancing act between having feelings for someone new with all the baggage you have from your past.

It questions the monotony of relationships and why we go through the same things over & over again, to eventually end up with it failing.

We would love to hear what you thought about the song and if you liked it then remember to follow our TYBEATS playlist on Spotify for more music like this one!

Until next time 😎✌🏼x