New TYBeats "State Champs - Dead and Gone"

“You only get redemption when you're dead and gone.”

State Champs are one of our current favourites and this absolute banger from their 2018 album ‘Living Proof’ has been an inspiration in the writing of one of the tracks in our upcoming EP!

Low and behold, ‘Dead and Gone’!

The lyrics to us, follow a meaning of missing that someone you used to be close with, alongside a reflection of all of the things that you used to do with this person that made you happy, are now filled with hatred and sadness. The line referring to redemption says to us that all will only be forgotten when you’re both dead and gone.

We would love to hear your take on the lyrics (whether you agreed or disagreed) and if you love this song, please remember to follow our TYBeats playlist on Spotify for more music like this one!

Peace out guys!!!