New TYBeats "The Bottom Line - Reasons"

TYBeats: The Bottom Line - Reasons

“We can't undo what we’ve been through We don’t want to change.” This track that we have decided to add to our TWO YEAR BEATS playlist is by The Bottom Line first captured our attention with their excellent music video containing all of our current day favourite pop punk artists from the bands on the circuit.. go check that out it won’t disappoint!

In our opinion, The Bottom Line are almost conveying a message of no longer caring about any negativity that has been throw their way. Whatever the situation this may be representing, they are saying that they can’t and do not want to change what they have been through and that this kind of past is one that is just setting them up for a stronger future, and F&#K the haters basically!

We would love to hear what you think about the lyrics (whether you agreed or disagreed) as well as the excellent music video!

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Until next week 😎✌🏼x